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Motorcar Manor personnel have many years of experience in the purchase and sales of collectible automobiles. When assisting a client in the purchasing process, Motorcar Manor’s objective is simple – get the right car the first time for the right price. Once owned a properly purchased vehicle should meet the buyer’s expectations. Providing proper counsel on a purchase requires extensive knowledge of the vehicle desired and the marketplace. It also requires the ability to counsel a client as to realistic expectations.


Being well informed before shopping is fundamental to making a wise purchase. You don’t want to buy a collectible or exotic vehicle that excites you only to find that you overlooked critical factors that seriously diminish its value or desirability. Motorcar Manor offers the expertise that can help prevent a bad decision.

A bad decision may teach you what you should have looked for in the first place. It will surely teach you the price of the bad decision because you will have to get rid of the wrong car before getting the right car.

At Motorcar Manor, we are available to advise individuals who are in the market for a collectible or exotic vehicle. We provide the support that can make the difference between a bad decision and getting the right car the first time.


Selling a vehicle, especially a collectible or exotic vehicle promises a process populated with annoying demands on time and patience, false starts, frustration and issues of security.

Motorcar Manor can relieve a client of these issues. Calling upon Motorcar Manor to oversee the sale of a vehicle offers many benefits that include:

  • Counseling a client as to realistic expectations.
  • Establishing a negotiating position agreeable with the client where the pricing is market correct.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable negotiators.
  • Having the vehicle shown at the Motorcar Manor facility. No one is coming to your home.
  • Use of Motorcar Manor for all phone and web contact. No “interested party” calls made to your home at midnight.
  • Your vehicle is maintained in a ready state where it will present well whenever a prospective buyer wishes to view it.
  • Market correct and cost affective placement of ads promoting the vehicle to the proper buyer segment.
  • Screening of prospective buyers eliminates owner frustration and annoyance caused by wasted time waiting for no shows or spent with people “just looking.”

For more details on selling your Collectible or exotic car through Motorcar Manor call 1-845-535-3301 or email us at info@motorcarmanor.com.