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The term “Cinema Cars” describes vehicles that appear in films, television shows, music videos, magazines and catalogs. Motorcar Manor works with a number of production companies in placing vehicles in all of these media.

Often Motorcar Manor gets called when a production company does not have the vehicle it wants in its inventory. For example the other day a call came in for a ’69 Chevelle for a TV show. Another time Abercrombie and Fitch called looking for a Volkswagen van.

If it is a vehicle Motorcar Manor is presently storing, the owner is contacted to determine if there is an interest in having the vehicle hired for the shoot.

If the client wishes to make the vehicle available, Motorcar Manor takes care of everything. We establish compensation, we transport the vehicle to the location, we are responsible for moving it on set and a Motorcar Manor staff member is with the vehicle the whole time it is on location.