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messy-garageWhen home is not the answer

Carstrophobia – The fear of stuff gathering in your garage and crowding out your Collectible Car


A family outgrowing a car? Happens all of the time.

  • However, another not uncommon painful reality arises when one or two collector cars are outgrown by a house. What to do with the vehicle(s) you sweated to build or buy when your world is defined by an expanding family, stored bicycles, yard tools and exploding demands for space to store everyone’s stuff.
  • You worry when your drive it. You should not have to worry when it is stored.

Motorcar Manor provides the quality cost effective solution to carstrophobia with:

Motorcar Manor offers a range of detailing packages with all work performed on site.

Whether preparing your car for a week on vacation or the lawn at Pebble Beach, Motorcar Manor delivers the level of attention perfectly suited to your car’s needs.

Learn more about Motorcar Manor’s detailing service »


Climate Control – Temperature and humidity and maintaining consistency and balance of both play a significant factor in protecting a Collectible automobile.

Humidity above 60% can promote corrosion. For humidity levels below 40%, wood, some plastics and fabrics such as leather and vinyl can dry out.

Temperature extremes and the resulting expansion and contraction of dissimilar materials can negatively impact fit and finish.

At Motorcar Manor the temperature is maintained in a steady range of 60° F to 75° F year round.

24/7 Video Surveillance – No matter where you are, your car is under the watchful eye of Motorcar Manor staff. Cameras inside the facility and out provide a total field of vision around and within the facility. As well, motion sensors crisscross the storage space with our alarm system in immediate contact with authorities should any disturbance occur.

Motorcar Manor storage

Fully insured – Motorcar Manor insures its facility through collectible vehicle specialist Hagerty Insurance.

Hand wash on arrival (No extra charge) – When a client brings a vehicle to Motorcar Manor for long term storage it is always hand washed upon arrival to remove any surface dirt. The vehicle will store better and have a clean exterior when the time comes to take it out of storage.

Turn-key readiness (No extra charge) – A vehicle stored at Motorcar Manor receives on-going attention so that it is ready to roll when the client is ready to drive. This attention includes:

  • Battery tender
  • Tire rotation
  • Periodic starting (if requested)

Special services for Hagerty insured clients (No extra charge) – Motorcar Manor’s strong business relationship with Hagerty Insurance affords us the ability to facilitate immediate service with claims or parts retrieval for any client insured by Hagerty.

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